20 Button AA MEGA System

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The 20 output MEGA System is an all-in-one package that enables owners of mobile hydraulic machinery to easily add a rugged industrial wireless control system to their equipment. Our MEGA handheld radio transmitter communicates with our VC-134 potted radio receiver which controls your valve’s solenoids directly – no need for any additional valve drivers or electronics! A detailed manual covering operation, programming, troubleshooting, and wiring is included. This system is fully programmable from the handheld (detailed in the manual), allowing you to set each button as momentary or maintained action, assigning complementary dump valve/pump outputs, variable sleep times, E-Stop modes, cloning transmitters, etc


This kit is comprised of the following parts:

20 Button MEGA Transmitter


Programmable 20 Button AA MEGA Transmitter


Programmable 22 Output CAN Bus Receiver

Technical Info

More Information
Height Transmitter: 6.17" Receiver: 2.04” Weight 3.500000 Width Transmitter: 3.15" Receiver: 3.37”
Depth Transmitter: 1.44" Receiver: 4.60” Transmitter Buttons 21 (20 + Power) Receiver Power 9 VDC – 30 VDC
Receiver Outputs 22 solid-state on/off; 5 Amps maximum each; protected LEDs 2 Battery Type Two AA Alkaline Battery
Battery Life 80 hours between charge Frequency 900MHz FHSS Range 1,000 ft
Housing Material Glass-Filled Nylon Data Sheet All wireless transmitter and receiver pairs ship ID’ed together with all outputs factory preset as momentary.