Universal Mega - Ratiometric Two Single Axis Joystick System

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A low-cost, highly flexible radio remote control for many types of proportionally controlled hydraulic equipment. This system will work with Danfoss PVG32 (and other ratiometrically controlled) valves, and provides extra buttons for auxiliary functions.

This kit is comprised of the following parts:

3B2703B MEGA series radio transmitter with two single-axis proportional (variable-speed) joysticks, 10 pushbuttons, power and enable buttons
3B270QA VC-144 radio receiver. All outputs are configurable for all joysticks and switches - providing up to 1,000' of wireless range and able to drive PVG32 valves requiring ratiometric outputs.
011444A External Wiring Harness

Technical Info

More Information
Height 13.25" Weight 5.000000 Width 5.00"
Depth 6.50" Battery Type Lithium Polymer Charging Charging Pad
Frequency 900MHz FHSS Range 1,000'