Customize 18 Switch Universal COMPACT System

18 Switch COMPACT Transmitter

P/N: 3A4052B

COMPACT series radio transmitter with eighteen three position momentary sealed toggle switches and a sealed twist-to-release style E-Stop switch, three position keyswitch and shoulder harness.

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38 Output Radio Receiver

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CAN Car Charger



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CAN Wall Charger

PN: B20072B

110V Wall charger for Kar-Tech remotes with five pin circular screw on style connector. Available with plugs for other countries - please email for more information.

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18 Switch Universal COMPACT System
18 Switch Universal COMPACT System

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    18 Switch Universal COMPACT System


    Variable Pricing

    ✓ Off the Shelf System

    A highly flexible, bellypack radio remote control for many types of proportionally controlled hydraulic equipment. This system will work with nearly any valves or electroyhdraulic control system, and provides extra switches for auxiliary functions.

    NOTE: Programming this system to suit many custom needs will require the additional purchase of a GATE Diagnostic Tool. The system will ship with full manual and installation drawings.