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Radio Controls

From handheld remote control transmitters to bellypacks to pistol grip style radio transmitters (and a couple in between), we have the right size and shape remote control transmitter for every application. Our largest enclosures can handle up to 12 proportional axes without having to get creative, and our smallest are perfect for a single wireless remote control function.

Radio Receivers

Sure, they're wireless receivers, and they're best-in-class in that respect, but they're all driven by high-powered processors with enough horsepower to be a total system control module as well, saving you money by not having seperate components. Or, if your needs are simple, they can be as basic as a solid-state wireless relay or for higher current, act as a wireless relay control of your own relays or contactors.

Below, you'll find information on a few of our base receiver platforms. We have more in-house than we can display here, and tailor them to your unique I/O and wireless frequency requirements. 900 MHz receiver and 2.4GHz wireless receiver options are pretty standard in our lineup.

Controllers & Drivers

We specialize in custom hydraulic controls for mobile equipment. Wireless is often a part of that, but dedicated OEM controls are still a large part of what we do.

Below, you'll find information on some of our OEM control solutions that don't incorporate a wireless component - from simple pendants to valve drivers, to custom/purpose built systems; they're ready to be the brains of your hydraulic control system. These OEM controls are available off the shelf, and as custom-designed hydraulic controls.


Kar-Tech is a full-service, total-solution provider. Not only do we handle your wireless and dedicated control systems, we also manufacture a full line of sensors to provide feedback to your system.

All of our sensors are designed with the mobile environment in mind and are highly ruggedized and weatherproof. From angle to length to rotation to temperature to pressure, we have you covered.

Purpose Built Systems

As a manufacturer that’s consistently designing new products, we have different systems that don’t fall under the normal categories.

We’ve listed some of them here—although they don’t even scratch the surface of the vast array of custom products we’ve put into the field over the years.


You have come to the right place to find the best Radio Remote Control to replace your existing wire pendant and radio remote. We support Auto Crane, IMT, Maintainer, Summit, Venturo and many other utility cranes. 

Looking to modify your crane with a wireless remote control system?
Our utility crane radio controls are the highest quality in the world and easy to install.

To get started please email your crane’s brand and model number to [email protected] and an associate will respond with your radio remote options.