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  1. December 17, 2021

    Happy Holidays & Happy New Years

    As we get ready to celebrate another year with our families, we felt it would be fun to celebrate our continued efforts to provide wireless remote solutions and share a picture of our humble beginnings.

    GRoundbreaking of Kar-tech

    We continue to strive for great customer relationships and fulfilling the needs of those customers quickly and promptly. Current Kar-Tech

    Our current family stands on the very same spot as our beginnings. Kar-Tech continues to grow, but we stay true to our mission of providing quality locally manufactured wireless solutions to a wide range of industries. Our Kar-Tech family wishes Happy Holidays and Happy New Years to everyone. We look forward to what awaits in the coming year. 

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  2. August 08, 2016

    The Perfect Setup for Your Wireless Track Drive System

    Our NEW off the shelf is COMPACT in Size, Universal By Nature

    Kar-Tech’s COMPACT wireless systems are now available for Off the Shelf purchase! The smallest bellypack in our lineup of wireless radio transmitters can be purchased in five unique configurations. The wireless track drive solution comes with updated joysticks, providing two configurations for dual and single axis hydraulic control. These wireless remotes now come paired with a receiver, harness and charger to provide a functioning and easy to set up control system for your business. 


    Want your own custom system for your business?
    Call us at 262-646-9444 to g

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  3. June 24, 2014


    Introducing our all-new QUANTUM & CADET radio transmitters!



    Our all-new bellypack series, the QUANTUM, and its pistol-grip counterpart, the CADET, take our existing line of compact, intelligent transmitters to a whole new level!

    Both additions boast all-sealed, ARM-powered SMT electronics with an on-board accelerometer and force feedback. Their all-weather housing is made from a polypropylene copolymer, making them extremely durable—especially when paired with our ultra-tough & ultra-affordable Ultra Switches!

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