CAN RANGER 4: Bellypack RANGER System


The Ranger 4 bellypack system can be utilized on many manual hydraulic crane models. Cranes from manufacturers such as National, Manitex, and Terex are only a few of many possibilities within the stick boom Crane industry. The Ranger 4 bellypack system is designed with a focus on simplicity, robustness, and efficiency. Cost and functionality make the Ranger 4 stand out from competition when integrated with popular cranes from National, Terex, and Manitex. A lot of time has been invested into crane compatibility. As result the following cranes are fully compatible with the Ranger 4 bellypack system, and the process is as simple as grabbing your crane model number and matching it with one of many below. If a customer cannot find their model number, they are encouraged to call our office at (262)646-9444 and speak with a sales representative.

Manitex Model Numbers:

Series CM: 1770 C, 1970 C, 2250 C/T, 2262 C/T, 2277 C, 2281 C/T, 26101 C, 2892 C, 3071 C, 30100C, 30102C, 3577 C/T, 35100 C, 35124 C.

Series TM: 2085T, TM240, 2250T, 2281 T, 3051 T, 3577 T, 4596T

Series WL: 102WL, 124WL

Terex Model Numbers:

BT 2047, BT 3870, BT 3851, BT 5092, BT 28106, BT 70100

National Model Numbers:

400B, 500E2, 600E2, 600H, 800D, 900A, NBT30H-2, 1400H

Each CAN RANGER 4 System includes a PACKER Series Transmitter (PN: 3B1902F), Radio Receiver (PN: 3B1903C), 4 Linear Actuators (PN: 1A0014E), 4 Mounting Hardware Kit (PN: 3B087MA), Pre-Made Wiring Harness (PN: 3B1906B) and a CAN Car Charger (PN: B20032C). An instructional video is also available for reference by clicking the button below.

Video Instruction

Please note that this is a very general video and modifications may be required for a customer’s specific crane model.

Technical Information









Battery Type


Battery Life

~30 Hours




900 MHz


Up to 1000'