12/24V Linear Actuator / Throttle Actuator

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To call Kar-Tech’s CAN-enabled linear actuators impressive would do them an injustice. We spent 2 years designing and perfecting the technology and guarantee the durability by manufacturing them completely in-house. Our electrical actuators are an integral part of our RANGER Systems, capable of stroking a machine’s manual valves in both directions with precise control – accurate to 0.01”. They’re a great way to retrofit electronic control onto hydraulic valves that don’t have solenoids or coils for electric over hydraulic control or to be used for a throttle actuator.

To start, our linear actuators are environmentally hardened—fully weather-sealed. They provide 90 pounds of force over a 3” maximum stroke all in a compact design that allows for easy installation, and smart, precise CANbus control over J1939.

More than that, though, our linear actuators are fast, and they are smart. They have a built-in processor for precise control of hydraulic valves, accurate to 0.01” and include an internal clutch for safety to enable freewheeling back to the center position when the joystick is released or power is lost. The high-speed processor has safety mechanisms built in to protect the motor and clutch for extended life.

Finally, we wanted to ensure our actuators last as long as the equipment they are a part of. To that end, we eliminated the internal potentiometer used for length measurement that can wear out with use and vibration. Instead, we engineered an all-new contactless sensor for feedback, and have encapsulated all the electronics to both further weatherproof them, and to provide the most solid protection from vibration on extreme-duty off-highway equipment.

In order to connect our linear actuator to most applications, you may require our linkage kit (P/N: 1A0018A). Please select below whether you would like one added to your kit:


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Weight 4.500000 Height 8.875" Width 1.875"
Depth 4.000" Operating Temperature -40° to +85° C Housing Material Aluminum Die-Cast Enclosure
Ingress Protection IP65 Stroke (Max) 3.00" Output Force (Dynamic) Load 90 lb.
Feedback Contactless Sensor