Servo Linear Actuator

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Kar-Tech’s programmable servo linear actuator is designed to work standalone or with many of Kar-tech’s on/off or joystick operated remote controls for actuation of valves, PTO, throttle and other mechanical actuation. In standalone applications switches can be used to step forward up to 30 user-programmable increments, or you may opt for proportional movement via joystick, potentiometer or analog voltage from PLC.  With a built in WIFI Gate, the actuator can easily be configured using a PC, Tablet or Smartphone for the mode of operation, inputs values, and the position of the shaft.  With Gate Diagnostics and Histogram the user can see the status of the inputs and actuator position along with any faults.

These actuators operated from 9 to 30 VDC and provide 90 pounds of force over a 3 inch stroke with less than 0.05 inch resolution. There is one Analog input 0 to 5VDC and two digital inputs for control of the shaft position. The inputs and shaft positions are configurable with a built in Gate tool. The heavy-duty die-cast enclosure is fully weather-proof and capable of operation in any climate from arctic to equatorial. Additionally, all electronics are fully sealed and protected against even the strongest vibrations in the field.



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Weight 4.500000 Height 8.875" Width 1.875"
Depth 4.00" Operating Temperature -40° to +85° C Housing Material Aluminum Die-Cast Enclosure
Ingress Protection IP65 Stroke (Max) 3.0" Output Force (Dynamic) Load 90 lb
Feedback Contactless Sensor Data Sheet pdf/Linear-Actuator-1A0052B.pdf