Dual Potentiometer Valve Driver

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Our dual pot valve driver is a simple all-in-one control box for two proportional hydraulic valves - and perfect for a drop-in salt/sand spreader controller. A power switch on the front controls master power, and turning either dial will increase the speed to the respective valve. All characteristics of the valve can be changed (and this box will run nearly any valve) - both min and max current, ramp times, and dither frequency. A front panel-mounted LED gives status of the valve's output for quick visual feedback. In addition, this system has a blast function controlled by a pushbutton which will set both valves to max while the button is held. That maximum setting for the blast can be set by the operator on the fly if desired for lower speed. The enclosure is urethane-potted for extreme weather, vibration, and shock resistance, and comes with 3' of cable with which to make external connections - as easy as power, ground, and coil connections.


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Weight 1.063200 Height 3.50" Width 5.50"
Depth 2.40" Communication RS-232 Supply Voltage 9V to 30VDC
Analog Inputs Two 4–20mA inputs Standard Outputs 2 proportional, current regulated outputs to adjust for variation in coil resistance or input voltage. Output Rating 3 amp nominal, 5 amp max.
Housing Material Nylon 6/6 black Connector 7 wires, 18 AWG GXL in a flame retardent mesh loom. Protection Types Urethane-potted enclosure
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C Storage Temperature -55°C to +100°C