Micro Valve Driver - 4–20mA

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The Micro Valve Driver is a small potted module that's commonly used to drive proportional valves from an electronic joystick or potentiometers. It has two analog inputs to read signals from a joystick, potentiometers, or other control devices, and has two current-regulated proportional outputs to drive most proportional valves. It has configurable input to output mapping, adjustable min/max/ramp/frequency for each output, and min/max/center for the inputs. Programming can be done from an on-board set of trimpots and jumpers, or more easily using our patented Palm Pilot programming interface. Another common use is as a "soft-start" card - it will take a switch input and can just simply ramp up a proportional output to prevent mechanical shock. In this configuration, the analog inputs are configured for 4-20mA, normally to be interfaced with a pressure transducer, inclinometer, or similar.


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Weight 0.442600 Height 3.00" Width 3.80"
Depth 1.50" Communication RS-232 Supply Voltage 9V to 30VDC
Analog Inputs Two 4–20mA inputs Standard Outputs 2 proportional, current regulated outputs to adjust for variation in coil resistance or input voltage. Output Rating 3 amp nominal, 5 amp max.
Housing Material Nylon 6/6 black Connector 7 wires, 18 AWG GXL in a flame retardent mesh loom. Protection Types Urethane-potted enclosure
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C Storage Temperature -55°C to +100°C