PWM Sensor

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The PWM Sensing Valve Driver is an easy to use utility module that offers anyone the ability to sense a PWM input and drive an output when the PWM is active. You can sense PWM at a single pulse. It’s a great utility module for driving motors or other accessories that need to come on when a proportional valve shifts open. Use it for your talc applicator, alarms, lights or other safety indicators to alert your operator that a device is in motion.

A programming interface is available for users who may want histograms, diagnostics, factory settings, and file-transfer for repeat programming. It accommodates one PWM input and one digital output allowing the flexibility to sense any PWM input and then trigger a digital output. It’s built from scratch to withstand abuse; all of Kar-Tech’s inputs are protected to allow machine voltages to be used as input, and the unit is protected against short circuit, reverse battery, overload, and transient and inductive surges. It sits in a 3” square enclosure that’s epoxy-potted to protect against anything thrown at it.


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Weight 0.500000 Height 3.00" Width 3.80"
Depth 1.50" Communication RS-232 Supply Voltage 9V to 30VDC
Digital Inputs 5V – Supply voltage Proportional Outputs 5.A Amp. MAX (Protected) Output Rating 3 amp nominal, 5 amp max
Housing Material Nylon 6/6 black Connector 4 wires, 18 AWG GXL in a flame retardent mesh loom. Protection Types Urethane-potted enclosure
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C Storage Temperature -55°C to +100°C Data Sheet Printable PWM Sensor Data Sheet