Four Switch Proportional Wired GUIDER

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This wired pendant provides four three-position momentary switches plus a power switch and 25' of cable into its weatherproof, high-impact enclosure. Power is sent into the pendant, and returns on the switch outputs, along with an auxiliary "pump" output that will turn on with any of the switch functions to run a pump or dump valve in parallel. In addition, there is a contactless hall-effect trigger to provide a current-regulated PWM output to a single proportional valve for speed control. The proportional valve output is completely customizable (without requiring more than a screwdriver) to work with nearly any valve for easy retrofit. The cable is terminated in bare ends for installation flexibility, and all parts are field replaceable.


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Height 8.60" Weight 6.000000 Width 4.90"
Depth 4.50" Housing Material Polypropylene Copolymer