Device Pairing

For most products:

  1. Turn both transmitter and receiver off
  2. To get the transmitter into TEACH ID mode, press and hold the POWER button for 10 seconds. Both LEDs start blinking.
  3. Turn on the receiver. On older models, Place a jumper across the TEACH ID jumper inside the receiver. The green LED will go from blinking to steady. Remove the jumper and store it on one pin
  4. Teach complete


For Crane Guiders:

  1. Turn the transmitter and receiver off
  2. Press and hold the BOOM UP AND BOOM RETRACT switches
  3. Release the E-STOP. Wait until the green LED begins blinking
  4. Release the switches. Both LEDs should blink at this point
  5. Apply power to the receiver. The green LED should go from steady to blinking on the transmitter
  6. Teach complete


For other products e-mail with the transmitter and receiver part numbers.  Part numbers normally starts with 3A, 3B or 39