Programmable 8 Output MINI System

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The MINI controls are supplied as a matched pair system - transmitter and receiver, with spare transmitters available. The MINI system will be supplied as a programmable version so that the user can select the number of outputs, whether each output is momentary or maintained, an E-Stop mode, and an optional “dump” output - this can be set to turn on every time any (selectable) function is activated at the transmitter, or stay on as long as the transmitter is on.

This kit includes the following parts:

3A0913D Programmable eight button MINI transmitter, pre-synchronized to the receiver, including two AAA batteries.
3A0918B Programmable eight output MINI receiver, user-configurable in any combination of momentary or maintained outputs plus programmable “dump” output.

* System is supplied pre-configured as 8 momentary outputs. “Dump” or E-Stop functionality is always on the 8th output, and can only be used with up to seven normal outputs.


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Height 3.80" Weight 1.250000 Width 1.80"
Depth .90"