MINI System Control Kit for Cranes

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This MINI remote control kit is comprised of a standard 8 function MINI transmitter with crane decals applied to each function key (boom, swing, winch, extend), as well as a 9 output MINI receiver with the 9th function acting as a dump output that comes on in parallel with any other output. The receiver is housed in a larger MINI enclosure with two 60# magnets for easy mounting to the truck body, and heavy-duty cable with bare ends is provided for solenoid connections.

 This kit includes the following parts:

3A031SA Programmable nine button MINI transmitter, pre-synchronized to the receiver, including two AAA batteries.
3A031TC Programmable nine output MINI receiver, user-configurable as eight outputs in any combination of momentary or maintained outputs plus programmable “dump” output.

Technical Info

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Height 3.80" Weight 2.500000 Width 1.80"
Depth .90"