3 Button NANO Dump Trailer Transmitter


The NANO is Kar-Tech's take on a bargain dump trailer remote system: we've removed all the frills without cutting a single corner, or making a single sacrifice in terms of wireless performance or security. The NANO is based on our MINI and MICRO radios that trades the MICRO's lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack for a common replaceable coin cell battery, but still retains all of the same wireless performance - FHSS at 900MHz to reject interference, and digital ID coding to eliminate cross talk. Two-way communication is still included by default for positively acknowledged signals and machine error status at the handheld. There is no power button, and instead, the NANO relies on our instant-on/instant-off technology. It's programmable from stock for several use cases, including basic dump trailer remote control uses - power up/power down and power up/gravity down configurations are available with a few keypresses.

The enclosure is glass-filled nylon, and the electronics are all high-spec SMT: together, these remotes are durable at any temperature – arctic or equatorial. 16 hours of actively transmitting operating life is a typical minimum with our coin cell batteries


Technical Info

More Information
Height 2.80" Weight 0.700000 Width 1.75"
Depth .60" Receiver Power 9 VDC – 30 VDC Receiver Outputs 3
Maximum Inputs 0 Proportional Outputs 0 Display -
LEDs Up to 2 LEDs Battery Type Replaceable Coin-Cell Battery Frequency 900MHz FHSS
Range Up to 300' Nominal