20 Button Magnetic Charge MEGA System

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The 20 button Magnetic MEGA radio transmitter is an extremely rugged, ergonomic handheld wireless control molded out of a high impact rated glass-filled nylon material. Unless otherwise specified below, all MEGA series controls come with a green LED for transmit status and a red LED for battery status. This system is fully programmable, allowing you to set each button as momentary or maintained action, assigning complementary dump valve/pump outputs, variable sleep times, E-Stop modes, cloning transmitters, and CAN J1939 output.  CAN output is useful for connecting to many CAN controllers for additional logic programing.

The 900MHz radio receiver is a compact, urethane-potted module that receives commands from the MEGA transmitter quoted above. It has full two-way communication built in, and is designed to reject interference and crosstalk, while providing a 1000’ line of sight (nominal) wireless range.


This kit is comprised of the following parts:

20 Button 900MHz Magnetic Charge MEGA Transmitter


Programmable 20-button magnetic charging MEGA radio transmitter


Programmable 22-output & J1939 urethane-potted radio receiver.


All wireless transmitter and receiver pairs ship ID’ed together with all outputs factory preset as momentary. Custom decals available upon request.

Technical Info

More Information
Height Transmitter: 6.17" Receiver: 2.04” Weight 3.500000 Width Transmitter: 3.15" Receiver: 3.37”
Depth Transmitter: 1.44" Receiver: 4.60” Transmitter Buttons 21 (20 + Power) Receiver Power 9 VDC – 30 VDC
Receiver Outputs 22 solid-state on/off; 5 Amps maximum each; protected + CAN LEDs 2 Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Battery Life 80 hours between charge Frequency 900MHz Range 1,000 ft
Housing Material Glass-Filled Nylon