Wireless Anti-Two Block Switch Transmitter Kit

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Both the transmitter and the receiver are designed with solid state components which are fully encapsulated; the system is designed to be as hassle-free as possible. Installation is as simple as connecting the wireless transmitter with the crane’s existing anti-two block switch at the boom tip and installing the receiver at the base of the boom.

The normally closed signal is transmitted wirelessly within a 200’ range with a nearly instantaneous response time. Intelligent radio-frequency power adjustments enable the maximum possible battery life - and when battery changes are required, just two common alkaline C batteries get you back up and running for several months under usage. An alarm output is present at the receiver along with a red LED for indication of low battery and ATB switch. The combination of frequency hopping spread spectrum technology and ID-coded transmissions virtually eliminates both interference and cross-talk between adjacent trucks using the wireless ATB switch transmitter and other wireless remotes used on the crane. Kar-Tech’s electronics are designed for the mobile environment, and can be left outside indefinitely with no issues. All electronics are polyurethane-potted, effectively turning them into a hockey puck. The systems are designed for 12/24V operation, and will supply up to 5A on the ATB/normally closed output.


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Weight 4.000000 Height 2.23" Width 5.27"
Depth 3.54" Communication 900 MHz FHSS Supply Voltage Transmitter: 2 C-sized Alkaline / Receiver: 9–30 VDC
Output Rating Five amp maximum, protected Connector Four conductor 18ga. cable Standard Outputs One normally closed ATB output; One normally open for transmitter low battery