Programmable 8 input - output remote System

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Kar-Tech’s Wireless Input/Output Modules are a highly reliable system for wireless transmission of switch signals. The switch transmitter gives 150 hours of switch condition, 2,500 hours of standby and 3 years of normal operation before replacement of the two C size alkaline batteries. This system is used for transmission of switch closure to drive valves and relays in cranes, manlifts, hydraulic attachments and many other applications.  It eliminates expensive and troublesome cable carriers and cable reels.

Switch signals are transmitted wirelessly within a 300’ range with a nearly instantaneous response time. Intelligent radio-frequency power adjustments enable the maximum possible battery life - and when battery changes are required, just two common alkaline C batteries get you back up and running for several months under usage.  The combination of Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology and ID-coded transmissions virtually eliminates both interference and cross-talk between adjacent equipment using the Wireless I/O Module switch transmitter and other wireless remotes used on the crane.

Note: All wireless transmitter and receiver pairs ship ID’ed together with all outputs factory preset as momentary.




This kit is comprised of the following parts:


Programmable 9 input transmitter


Programmable 8 output receiver

Technical Info

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Height Transmitter: 4.53" / Receiver: 2.55" Weight 3.500000 Width Transmitter: 3.54" / Receiver: 2.5"
Depth Transmitter: 2.23" / Receiver: 1.00" Transmitter Buttons 5 Receiver Power 9 – 30 VDC
Receiver Outputs 5 Amps each. Display N/A LEDs 2
Frequency 900MHz FHSS Range Up to 300' Nominal