3 Button 2.4GHz NANO Transmitter

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The NANO is Kar-Tech's affordable but high-quality dump trailer remote system. By trading a rechargeable battery for 2 common coin-cell batteries, the NANO is a cost-effective trailer remote control option that still retains every bit of the performance and security of our MINI and MICRO kits.

Durable at any temperature, the NANO’s all-weather remote enclosure is glass-filled nylon and ready to take a beating. The handheld remote includes LED indicators for signal confirmation, battery life and machine status. A 2.4GHz FHSS radio rejects interference while digital ID coding eliminates cross talk, providing wireless signal from up to 600’ away. Convenient instant-on/instant-off technology means you’ll never accidentally leave it on and waste battery life. Expect a full 9 hours of continuous active transmission (holding the button) before ever needing to replace batteries.


Technical Info

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Height 2.80" Weight 1.000000 Width 1.75"
Depth .60" Proportional Outputs - Display -
LEDs Up to 2 LEDs Battery Type Replaceable Coin-Cell Battery Frequency 2.4GHz 100mW
Range Up to 600' Nominal