Contactless Rotary Position Sensor

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Kar-Tech’s contactless rotary position sensors has been specially designed to provide unparalleled performance under the most extreme conditions. They are used on a variety of applications for measuring angular position. Typical applications include boom pivot rotation, boom swing rotation, and steering angle.

Highly rugged, solid aluminum contactless rotary sensor with a 1/2 inch shaft. Used for measuring rotational position. Provides 0.5V - 4.5V output over 360° range, requires 12V supply. Marked for 0° index, output increases with CCW rotation. External connections are made over 1' of jacketed cable exiting the sensor and terminated in three pin Deutsch DT04-3P connector.


Technical Info

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Output Voltage Range 0.5 to 4.5VDC Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C Angular Range 0° to 360° Continuous
Supply Voltage 5.0VDC Regulated Supply Current 8.5mA Typical, 11mA Max Output Current 8.0mA Max
Output Load 10K Typical Reverse Protection -10.0VDC Transient Protection >30.0VDC 1.5KW
Overvoltage Protection 20.0VDC Transfer Function Linear across full range Independent Linearity <±1% across full range
Resolution Infinite/Stepless Unpowered ESD 3000VDC Each Lead RFI Filter Integrated in Sensor
Vibration/Drop 30G Max, Functions After 1m Drop. Operational Life >10,000,000 operations Environmental Epoxy-encapsulated Electronics
Connector 3-pin Deutsch DT04-3P Housing Material Anodized Aluminum Weight 1.000000
Height 2.50" Width 3.40" Depth 2.20"